I met Mrs. urmila Revankar on a astrology forum, was reading all her articles on astrology with awe, she explains every aspect of astology with much ease and authority and her approach is pretty welcoming or much democratic!!!

I was enjoying this lurking and occasional participating, i have to admit, i was applying all principles to me and trying to check good and bads, but over a period of time, i started enjoying core topics now i am reading about tarot articles from herwith same awe!

Over all, i can say, she is very open, knowledgable , easy to approach individual, i have no idea whether she conducts classes, if she is, then pls attend, you will never get disappointed!! Promise! A scorpion’s:))

I have to mention another very important aspect here…
From past two years or so, i am somehow drowned in lot of things, mostly sickness of my mother and loss of family members, these things turned me a scary goat… I am thankful to god, still i am surviving saner:) 
Recently, my mother had a sudden unfortunate fall, that too when she started enjoying being little better and fractured her hip, in an african country… Yes she is visiting me… That night, i was totally clueless… Was wondering will I ever see her in better position, or something like that total gloomyness… Suddenly at hospital arnd 2 am, i was looking fir some assurance some divine intervention.. i knocked urmila ji’s msgr door… no, didnot expect any reply… But to my surprise i recd a reply immediately… She asked me whatsapp number, and we had a brief talk… Little info exchange through whatsapp, if its 2 am here, India time may be 7:30/8:00, she assured me about my mom’s health and she sent reki energy, and i believe it! Today almost 2.5 months, my mother is on her way to recovery… I am hoping, praying and believing she will be ok … But, the help which i received, the patient ear i had that night was unforgettable… And this is not paid consultation… Havent paid a pie….
This incident jsut shows how wonderful human being she is!!!! I am sure her consultations will be awesome!!! She may not be 100% as she is not god! But i am sure she will show us the way with her calm nature! One day, will definitely meet her over some bakharwadi! Or some amazing puran poli !

Anita Ramachandran
October 30, 2018


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