A soothing character, crisp accent and depth in her subject defines Urmila Revankar. She has the ability to pin point events in an articulate manner which signifies her profound knowledge in the field of astrology. Urmilaji personally ensures her client is addressed with an eye for detailing. She has a unique bonding with each one of her clients and new recruits in astrology and ensures they are looked upon with love and care.She blends 4-5 types of Jyotish shastras to conclude the desired query raised by her client. A well read , well spoken ,lady with finesse and last not but not the least a heart which only knows to love, a character of compassion ,togetherness and helping the needy is our beloved Urmila Chechi!!
Chechi,We all love you so much!!

Suresh Muraali
October 30, 2018